Foolish Notions (Simlit Short Story Challenge)

Aeline Aspira

My name is Aeline Aspiria and I’m 15 years old. I was born a Vampire, and am also a Fae, or as some other’s call it a Fairy. I most recently came to The Mortal World from across the wall from The Fae World, I’m also from that of which is The Night Court far away in the mountains, where no other Fae from any of the other courts dare to really visit.

The Night Court Mini Manor – Aeline’s House.

I came to The Mortal World for the mere fact that I as a Fae have grown bored of the Fae world, and for that of which is a interest in Mortal Education, I have a long life of that of which I will be living on top of the fact of my also being that of which is being born of a Vampire, add that to my also being a Fae…I have ALL eternity to go back to The Fae World when ever I wish. You are probably wondering in how on earth I became a Fae to begin with, it’s a long story that I don’t wish to recall or retell, but maybe some other time. 

Forgotten Hollow “Town Square”
The First Grand Master Vampire of Forgotten Hollow.

I’ve chosen to live in a small town called Willow Creek, an started attending a decent Mortal School and to make friends, but still to me I found something odd about a small town that was further down from Willow Creek that was called Forgotten Hollow. It is almost as if it’s a World of it’s own, and something slightly dark about it when I did visit it, people wondered how was it that I’d come across their small little town of Forgotten Hollow and I said I simply walked into their lovely town square. I was told it was impossible, usually Mortals just come across deserted land…I point out to them that I was not a Mortal but that of which is a Vampire, they still thought it was impossible because they have certain wards up for my kind. When they said “My Kind” They were referring to my being Fae as well, now I want to find out why those whom inhabit Forgotten Hollow do not like those of my kind the Fae.

In the end of my visit to Forgotten Hollow that evening I ended up pacing my study like a literal fool and going through book after book trying to find what Vampires have against Fae and couldn’t find a single thing in the books, or even when I looked online for numerous hours. By the time I was done researching I’d given myself a migraine and it was breaking dawn, I thought about sending word to The High Lord of The Night Court about the whole situation, and called myself a fool again because he had bigger things on his plate to deal with right now then something like Vampires not liking that of which is Fae.

Grand Master Vatore.

To be honest though I found myself unable to stop thinking about a Grand Master I’d been talking to as well, and told myself I was being even more of a fool then the issue between Vampires and Fae. I was to young for one with such a high status in that of which is The Vampire World.


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